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Homeless Encampment Features Bubble Car Garage

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Where are they now?

Last month, Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) took a victory lap after spending millions of dollars to close down the Myers Way encampment(with the swimming pool) and house many of the homeless for the next year. But some of them are now spending time at a new West Seattle encampment nearby doing drugs and simply hanging out. For the past few weeks, I followed and interviewed these men and women.

It was a rare glimpse into what happens after someone exits an encampment. Many of them are thankful for the apartments. But they also say the building is like a “sterile warehouse” with “no community” and “too many rules.” They also say cameras and security are constantly surveilling them each day. Some residents now say they regret leaving the Myers Way encampment where they had more control of their lives.

The King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) and homeless outreach group CoLEAD are aware of these concerns. The Urban League (@SeaUrbanLeague) functions as the main housing provider in this case. But so far the residents say the non-profit has ignored their complaints. Urban League has not responded to my requests for comment either. Before I launch my story, here is a preview of what this latest encampment/hangout is looking like right now. The “bubble garage” for one of the cars is crazy.

Gov is going to ask for more money

But look at the results so far. Where is the accountability? What are the metrics for success?

Looking Back

The Myers Way camp ordeal impacted seniors at Arrowhead Gardens Apts the most. They sent hundreds of complaints to WSDOT. Listen to the frustration after the state allowed it to flourish for months. #Seattle

Time to Go

Even after WSDOT finally told the campers to leave this past summer, it was still an ordeal. Some of the campers were saying they would protest and put up a fight.

Homeless Swimming Pool

I’ve seen a lot on my beat, but this is a new one. The pool emerged last week and enraged already frustrated neighbors. What a hot mess.

Going National

Diane Radischat is the president of the community association and has been making the rounds on national cable news outlets, publicly shaming elected officials. We went on Newsmax Monday morning. #Seattle

Lurking in the Woods

The SWIMMING POOL is what really brought attention to this West Seattle homeless encampment. But the constellation of mini encampments in the deep woods remains.