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Bellevue Serial Squatter Behind on Rent . . . Again!

Bellevue deadbeat tenants Sang and Youjin Kim are late on their May rent. This comes after King County Housing Justice Project used taxpayer dollars to pay nearly $90K in back rent so the Kim's could remain in this $2M Woodridge property. Mom & pop landlord Jaskaran Singh says the Kims now have 14 days to pay or vacate the property. Read More ›

Legislation Introduced to Hold Housing Justice Project Accountable

King County Council Vice-Chair Reagan Dunn following through and introducing legislation to hold King County Bar Association's Housing Justice Project accountable. "King County must intervene immediately to bring accountability to Housing Justice Project programs, audit how our funds are being used, and stop ill-intended crooks from continuing to exploit eviction prevention aid,” says Dunn. Read More ›
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Second Protection Order Against Bellevue Landlord Dismissed

Once again, Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh prevailed in court. King County judge Brian McDonald dismissed the Temporary Protection Order filed by serial squatter Sang Kim. The judge basically concluded that Kim lacked evidence and was not harmed in any way. Read More ›
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Bellevue Serial Squatter Receives Worldwide Criticism

Korean YouTube influencer Syuka World has more than 3 million subs and just blasted Bellevue serial squatter Sang Kim. As word of this situation spreads around the world, it's even more embarrassing for other Korean nationals being asked about this "con-man." Read More ›
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Bellevue Landlords Continues Leading Weekend Protests to Reclaim Property

Another weekend of relentless protests in Bellevue to oust serial squatter and deadbeat tenant Sang Kim. But neighbors and supporters have really started zeroing in on King County Bar Association's Housing Justice Project. They're demanding accountability and oversight of this free legal aid group that's accused of representing "con men" like Kim who claim to be low income and in need of help. Read More ›
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Commissioner Dismisses Protection Order Against Bellevue Landlord

Huge win for Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh. Monday morning, a King County court commissioner dismissed the Temporary Protection Order filed against him by serial squatter Sang Kim. Read More ›