Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives


A pioneer family on the frontier, amidst a vast prairie, setting up their homestead, gazes towards a hopeful horizon.
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Go West, Young Man (and Woman)

We often think westward migration was for males only. In 1862 the Homestead Act allowed land claims from “any person who is the head of a family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years.” Women, including those widowed by the Civil War, made one third of all homestead claims. Some men and women who made it to the Midwest and went no further became homeless. Read More ›

Police Respond to Fight at Church Migrant Encampment

Tensions Rise Late Tuesday evening, police say a fight erupted on the grounds of Riverton Park United Methodist Church in Tukwila, home to hundreds of people seeking asylum. One of the migrant men allegedly showed a knife but no one got stabbed. It’s unclear if anyone was taken into custody but cops say everything is now under control. Drain on Resources The 911 calls to the church for fights and other altercations continue to drain resources from the city. Violent Fights There are reports of violent fights between minors and adults, along with dozens of calls to the police for other criminal activities.