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Dangerous Levels of Meth in Rooms Delays Homeless Hotel Opening in Federal Way

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In joint investigation, @thehoffather and I uncovered REAL reason why opening is delayed at homeless hotel in Federal Way that used to be a Red Lion. King County found “high levels of methamphetamine” in rooms. Mayor and council left in dark. @KC_RHA @kcexec @GovInslee

More to Come

@thehoffather and I are dropping another related story next week. Feb. 6 the Public comment period ends for Stevenson Motel. Feb. 7 is the Federal Way City Council meeting. Going to be packed. @kcexec @GovInslee and other state law makers expected to be called out. @KC_RHA

Temporary Shelter?

Officials say former Red Lion was always supposed to one of the primary places to house homeless in Federal Way. But these meth related delays are reason why Stevenson is now also in play, and causing concerns for another neighborhood.

Brace Yourselves

Every community should expect more homeless hotels. Democrat sponsored HB 1220 is reason why. Even if majority in community oppose homeless hotels, it doesn’t matter. Cities say too costly to fight. Local officials LOSING POWER to state.

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