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Leftist Media Distort New Homelessness Study To Support Failed ‘Housing First’ Policies

Advocates of “Housing First” as the solution for homelessness are praising a new study that supposedly proves their case. The trouble is, the study — conducted by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) — proves no such thing. Read More ›

Reporter Asks Governor Inslee if the State Should Decide “Who is and Isn’t Media”

Washington Media is Waking Up It’s evident, certain politicians hate transparency, accountability, and tough questions. In case you missed it, on Thursday one reporter point blank asked Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) if he thinks state agencies should determine “who is media and who isn’t media.” He was totally caught off guard. Is this an acceptable answer from the Governor of WA? Listen. BTW, I am still banned from Inslee’s press conferences. His media handlers say I’m not a “credentialed journalist” even though I have multiple media credentials from several news outlets outside of my media fellowship. I hope he allows me in one day. Assault on Press Freedoms Last month, I was nearly kicked out of a press conference in Read More ›

Dow Constantine Dodging Questions

Dow Constantine Dodges Tough Questions About Chinatown Homeless Megaplex

Exclusive Earlier today, @kcexec dodged my questions about the HOMELESS MEGAPLEX he’s trying to RAM through #Seattle. #Chinatown-ID is begging him to put a moratorium on project until public comments are gathered. This is a TOP 3 story in the city. We need more MEDIA on this. Questions I Was Trying to Ask 1) Since you did not hold a public comment period or consult #Chinatown-ID, why not PAUSE this project until input can be gathered? 2) What’s your public safety plan? Recently #Seattle‘s Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz expressed concerns. More Questions 3) When are you going to personally FACE questions from #Chinatown-ID residents? 4) Are you aware many in #Chinatown-ID say your homeless policies are racist against Asian Read More ›