Dow Constantine Dodging Questions
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Dow Constantine Dodges Tough Questions About Chinatown Homeless Megaplex

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Earlier today, @kcexec dodged my questions about the HOMELESS MEGAPLEX he’s trying to RAM through #Seattle. #Chinatown-ID is begging him to put a moratorium on project until public comments are gathered. This is a TOP 3 story in the city. We need more MEDIA on this.

Questions I Was Trying to Ask

1) Since you did not hold a public comment period or consult #Chinatown-ID, why not PAUSE this project until input can be gathered?

2) What’s your public safety plan? Recently #Seattle‘s Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz expressed concerns.

More Questions

3) When are you going to personally FACE questions from #Chinatown-ID residents?

4) Are you aware many in #Chinatown-ID say your homeless policies are racist against Asian Americans?

A Few More

5) Why not put this HOMELESS MEGAPLEX in other parts of #Seattle since #CID already has many shelters in or around the neighborhood? What about sharing the burden?

6) Why were the details so sparse on your announcement? When will this officially open?

Community Outrage

To see how we got to this point, check out the thread. Once again, another @kcexec homeless project ending with outrage and protests in multiple communities. Especially diverse Asian American neighborhoods in #Seattle and #KingCounty.

Fast Track the Project

Even though #Chinatown-ID is hoping @kcexec would DO THE RIGHT THING and pause this HOMELESS MEGAPLEX, DOW recently sent his rep to get @KCCouncil to vote on NO COMPETITIVE construction bids to keep this QUICKLY moving along.

Where’s It Gonna Be

Technically this will be at 6th Ave and Airport Way in SODO. But it’s just 1 block from #Chinatown-ID, right near @Uwajimaya and several Asian American senior low income housing units.

Security Plan

Another problem is the lack of clarity on what @kcexec plans to do about the potential crime and problems that will most likely follow @kcexec’s HOMELESS MEGAPLEX.

Political Calculation

#Chinatown-ID in #Seattle is asking where’s: @washdems @kcdems @kcexec @DNC @TheDemocrats Asian Americans are fastest growing minority voting bloc in WA and in America.

Looking Back

As you all know, my job is to hold ALL public officials ACCOUNTABLE. But the GRACIOUS response from @MayorofSeattle VS. Dow Constantine (@kcexec) on the HOMELESS MEGAPLEX controversy is quite a stark contrast.