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Safety Concerns Rise Over Potential Homeless Megaplex in Chinatown

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More Public Safety Concerns

Now @SeattlePD Interim Chief Adrian Diaz questioning @kcexec‘s HOMELESS MEGAPLEX.

“Have we thought this out? Have we done our homework?”-Diaz

More From Seattle’s Top Cop

Diaz says he drives through #Chinatown-ID everyday.

“When you actually have the #CID, that is actually the area that has the most shootings in our city. So you can add literally the most violent crime in our city in that area.”-Diaz

Unfair Burden


@kcexec decision to dump ANOTHER homeless shelter near #Seattle‘s #CID.

“When we start putting more services in that area as far as like housing services like the Navigation Center…this community is already struggling with what is going on.”-Diaz

Seattle’s Top Law Enforcement Officials

So now you have @SeattlePD Interim Chief Adrian Diaz and @SPOG1952 President Mike Solan expressing major concern about public safety surrounding @kcexec‘ HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. This is why #Chinatown-ID is concerned.

Right Before the Rally

Diaz shared his PUBLIC SAFETY concerns on this PODCAST just 1 day before #Chinatown-ID rallied against @kcexec HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. Organizers say more PROTESTS on the way.