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King County Attempts to Fast Track Homeless Megaplex in Chinatown

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More Evidence

Last week as #Chinatown International District prepared to protest against @kcexec‘s HOMELESS MEGAPLEX, Dow’s representative essentially asked @KCCouncil permission to FAST TRACK project by doing away with COMPETITIVE bidding process on construction.


Community advocate Matt Chan (@Lofanland) is a former special advisor to @MayorofSeattle. Chan says it’s evident @kcexec is trying to push his HOMELESS MEGAPLEX through without #Chinatown-ID community input. Even some @KCCouncil are now questioning the process.

More Protests

Tues Sept.13, #Chinatown-ID will confront @KCCouncil as members consider voting on request from @kcexec to fast track HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. They’re demanding answers from @JoeMcDermottWA who sponsored project. Will he show in person? Details.

Holding the Line

#Chinatown-ID held massive rally to say HOMELESS MEGAPLEX project must be stopped until public input can be gathered.