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Jonathan Choe Honored with Community Service Award at Seattle Scout Breakfast

Seattle, WA – Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Choe received a community service award at the 2024 Aurora Friends of Scouting Breakfast. Choe demonstrates daily courage and perseverance as he covers the realities of homelessness, addiction, and mental illness in Seattle through powerful video storytelling. His coverage has been nominated for Emmy awards and has gained him national audiences on social media platforms and Fox News.

Jonathan Choe’s work challenges the status quo in Seattle politics and drives increased transparency and accountability from government. He also successfully leverages media to support effective local nonprofits, help families reunite with loved ones on the street, uplift good outreach, provide coverage for smaller cities, and bring together voices impacted by homelessness. The team at Fix Homelessness is pleased to see Jonathan Choe’s valuable contribution to the Seattle community recognized.

Click here to watch and read some of Jonathan Choe’s latest work.

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