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Seattle Outreach Group Broken Into in Possible Political Hit Job

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Political Hit Job?

We Heart Seattle’s (@weheartseattle) HQ was ransacked Thursday night. Surveillance video shows up to eight people going in and out of the 3rd Ave location in downtown Seattle. Here’s where the story gets weird. Authorities say the first fella gets through the door and a female follows him in. After a few minutes, they exit together. Then the next wave of people enter and leave at different times throughout the evening. Unclear if they were working together.

Making matters more bizarre, the homeless outreach group says nothing of significant value was taken. Multiple laptops, expensive equipment, and a bicycle were left behind. But it appears lots of t-shirts and swag related to their “Voting Is Your Superpower” campaign were stolen. We Heart Founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez (@weheartfounder) believes this is a form of political intimidation since her initiative to get out the vote could alter numerous city council races and interests of certain influential groups in the city. But this has not been confirmed. Suarez says her org is a non-partisan 501(c)3 organization and will not endorse any candidate.