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Licton Spring’s ‘Clement Place’ Shows Seattle is Falling Behind on Homeless Crisis

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Complaints Stacking Up

Homeowners near @DESCSeattle‘s Clement Place (“HOUSING FIRST” model) have documented numerous problems caused by SOME residents including fella in this video. Fights, drugs, attempted burglary. Neighbors claim DESC building managers ignoring them.

Imagine Living Next to This

Homeowners say NOT everyone living at @DESCSeattle Clement Place is a MENACE to neighborhood. But there are some well known characters like this woman who goes on shouting sprees at all hours. I have reached out to DESC but still no response.

Rough Year for Neighbors

This past summer, I also reported extensively on MASSIVE homeless encampment out of control in front of @DESCSeattle Clement Place. At the time, neighbors weren’t sure if the homeless or DESC residents were causing problems.

Failing to Sweep

At one point, the city was paralyzed by scope of this homeless encampment in front of @DESCSeattle Clement Place on N. 96th St. Word got out and other homeless folks were moving in, assuming they could set up. It attracted tons of probs.

Finally Cleared

After months of neighbor complaints, the city eventually moved in.

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

After this ordeal, homeowners lost all faith in the city of #Seattle to prevent a homeless take over from happening again. They put in flower boxes and planted trees near sidewalks so no one could come in again.

Ongoing Issues

Sex trafficking on nearby N. Aurora Ave. remains a major concern for homeowners on N.96th St. They have to deal with @DESCSeattle Clement Place issues, along with prostitution. This homeowner says all kinds of people come to her door.

Domestic Disputes

These issues were also a regular occurrence related to this homeless encampment. At one point, even some of the residents of @DESCSeattle Clement Place were complaining about the camp, saying the issues were threatening their interests.

No Doubt

Since encampment is no longer on N.96th St., homeowners say they have tracked and documented recent issues to some residents living at @DESCSeattle Clement Place. Read description of what this place is about.

Just Google It

Numerous articles from few years back about @DESCSeattle Clement Place complaints. But homeowners now say probs never went away. Trying to figure out if neighbors have any recourse once these “HOUSING FIRST” models start to impact area.

Jonathan Choe

Journalist and Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty
Jonathan Choe is a journalist and Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute's Center on Wealth and Poverty, covering homelessness issues for its Fix Homelessness initiative. Prior to joining Discovery, Choe spent several years as one of the lead reporters at KOMO-TV, consistently the top rated television station in Seattle. His in depth stories on crime and deep dive investigations into the homeless crisis led to measurable results in the community, including changes in public policy. Choe has more than two decades of experience in television news behind the scenes and in front of the camera for ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Tribune. He has also been nominated and honored with multiple industry awards including an Emmy. Choe spent several years teaching classes on emerging media and entrepreneurship to under privileged youth in inner city Chicago. As an independent journalist, Choe also contributes regularly to the Mill Creek View and Lynnwood Times and has reported on exclusive stories in the past year for Daily Wire and The Postmillennial.