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Fight Breaks Out at Ballard Commons While Kids Play

No Words Sometimes you see a piece of video and are just left shaking your head. Tuesday evening, a witness says a fight broke out at Ballard Commons Park between a well known homeless guy and a dude with dreads. At the same time, a little kid just scampers through the outdoor fountain play area, totally oblivious to what’s going on. Thankfully it ended without anyone being seriously injured. Adults, let’s try to set a better example for the children. This all went down as the Seattle Parks (@SeattleParks) concierge was packing up the large chess set and signs. No park rangers or police nearby. Councilmember Dan Strauss’ (@CMDanStrauss) district remains problematic. But so far, crews have been able to Read More ›

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Jonathan Choe on Fox News: Seattle Man Chases Choe with Knife Threatening to Kill

Jonathan Choe joins Fox News to share footage of a man chasing him with a knife in downtown Seattle and discuss the failed policies that are leading to increased crime, violence, homelessness, and addiction.

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“You are gonna die,” Jonathan Choe Chased by Man With Knife Threatening to Kill

Crazy Town Gets Crazier Another insane Monday afternoon in downtown #Seattle. I was doing my usual rounds, about to report some POSITIVE NEWS regarding the encampment sweep at 3rd Ave & Pike St this morning. Mayor Bruce Harrell (@mayorofseattle) defending the corner from “trap tents” that are set up consistently to sell drugs just a block away from City Hall. Most of these folks are not homeless people. Many live in the nearby DESC buildings, hang out, and attract even more problems. As usual, I wanted to show the progress. But one fella didn’t want me pointing the camera at all the drug activity. So he pulled out a knife and started chasing me! He also threatened to kill me Read More ›

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Downtown Encampment Cleared Dozens of Times Poses Safety Threat

Close Call Once again, #Seattle crews cleared tents along 3rd Ave & Cherry St, block away from City Hall. I usually go back to see if anyone returned. Today, a deranged AXE WIELDING man came charging at me. Officials have to STOP this from coming back. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee Danger to Community As I have reported before, area’s been cleared dozens of times. But many are not homeless and stay nearby at @DESCSeattle‘s Lyon building or Morrison. They set up “trap tents” to sell or do drugs. Worst kept secret. @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA @kcexec#Seattle Back in November 2022 New Year same issues at 3rd Ave & Cherry St, one of most problematic areas in city. Many say they are not homeless. They Read More ›

Bellevue Homeless Attack

Exclusive: Shocking New Footage of Attack on Homeless Man in Bellevue

Exclusive I have obtained surveillance footage showing vicious attack on Eric Larson at Bellevue Transit Center on July 10. He passed away Tuesday. He was a wheelchair bound HOMELESS man. Prosecutors say it was “unprovoked.” GABRIEL VARGAS-GARCIA is facing murder charge. Closer Look Absolutely tragic. GABRIEL VARGAS-GARCIA remains behind bars and will be arraigned later this month. This is another reminder, the HOMELESS community is extremely vulnerable. How We Got Here Prosecutors say 2 days before rampage, VARGAS-GARCIA was released from prison after time served on a sexual assault conviction. No audio in surveillance and Larson could not speak in hospital. So we may never know if words were exchanged. Homeless Community Grieving Larson was a regular at Congregations for Read More ›

Homeless Assault Camera Footage

Homeless Man Brutally Attacked in Downtown Bellevue

Warning: Graphic Photos One of the tragedies of homelessness is that the homeless themselves are often the victims of crimes. Case in point, an absolutely horrific and unprovoked attack was caught on camera in downtown Bellevue this past Sunday. Bellevue Police says a homeless man in a wheelchair was brutally assaulted at the Bellevue Transit Station early Sunday morning. In a story that has gone uncovered by local media, Eric Troy Larson is now fighting to stay alive. Latest Update Officials say Larson is in critical/stable condition and is dealing with a skull fracture and tremendous loss of blood. He remains unconscious and intubated, unable to talk. Larson is also an amputee. Serious Charges Prosecutors say 25 year old Gabriel Read More ›