Homeless Assault Camera Footage
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Homeless Man Brutally Attacked in Downtown Bellevue

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Warning: Graphic Photos

One of the tragedies of homelessness is that the homeless themselves are often the victims of crimes. Case in point, an absolutely horrific and unprovoked attack was caught on camera in downtown Bellevue this past Sunday. Bellevue Police says a homeless man in a wheelchair was brutally assaulted at the Bellevue Transit Station early Sunday morning. In a story that has gone uncovered by local media, Eric Troy Larson is now fighting to stay alive.

Latest Update

Officials say Larson is in critical/stable condition and is dealing with a skull fracture and tremendous loss of blood. He remains unconscious and intubated, unable to talk. Larson is also an amputee.

Serious Charges

Prosecutors say 25 year old Gabriel Josue Vargas-Garcia of Renton, is facing 1st degree attempted murder and 1st degree assault charges related to this incident at the Bellevue Transit Station.

Details of Alleged Assault

For nearly 2 min, prosecutors say Vargas-Garcia unloaded punches/kicks, smashing Taylor’s head into the concrete ground numerous times. Police say it appears UNPROVOKED. Police say these are Vargas-Garcia’s shoes.

Repeat Offender

Prosecutors say on June 24, 2022…Vargas Garcia was sentenced to 15 months in prison for 3rd degree assault w/sexual motivation. But for some reason, he was released on July 8 before finishing his sentence. Just TWO DAYS later he allegedly went on this rampage.


Several people saw Vargas/Garcia trying to jump on bus, but he took off on foot from Bellevue Transit Center area. Later seen walking w/out shoes on NE 4th St, heading towards Bellevue Target near l-405N ramp where he was arrested. All caught on bus and traffic cams.

Back in Court

Prosecutors asked for $750k bail and Vargas-Garcia remains behind bars. He will be arraigned later this month.

Initial Report

Again, this happened at the Bellevue Transit Center in downtown. Prosecutors say this appears unprovoked. Now a homeless man is fighting for his life.