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Downtown Encampment Cleared Dozens of Times Poses Safety Threat

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Close Call

Once again, #Seattle crews cleared tents along 3rd Ave & Cherry St, block away from City Hall. I usually go back to see if anyone returned. Today, a deranged AXE WIELDING man came charging at me. Officials have to STOP this from coming back. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee

Danger to Community

As I have reported before, area’s been cleared dozens of times. But many are not homeless and stay nearby at @DESCSeattle‘s Lyon building or Morrison. They set up “trap tents” to sell or do drugs. Worst kept secret. @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA @kcexec#Seattle

Back in November 2022

New Year same issues at 3rd Ave & Cherry St, one of most problematic areas in city. Many say they are not homeless. They admit to living in nearby @DESCSeattle properties like Morrison and Lyon building. Just set up tents to chill. #seattle

On Thanksgiving

These are BRAND NEW tents. Who’s hooking them up? I saw box of beers inside several. Some are likely “trap tents” used as fronts for drugs. #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA

Year Round Calling

Multiple faith based groups and volunteers focus on this area. But it’s not enough. I have never seen @KC_RHA outreach anywhere along 3rd Ave. Time to deploy crews here. #Seattle