Bellevue Homeless Attack
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Exclusive: Shocking New Footage of Attack on Homeless Man in Bellevue

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I have obtained surveillance footage showing vicious attack on Eric Larson at Bellevue Transit Center on July 10. He passed away Tuesday. He was a wheelchair bound HOMELESS man. Prosecutors say it was “unprovoked.” GABRIEL VARGAS-GARCIA is facing murder charge.

Closer Look

Absolutely tragic. GABRIEL VARGAS-GARCIA remains behind bars and will be arraigned later this month. This is another reminder, the HOMELESS community is extremely vulnerable.

How We Got Here

Prosecutors say 2 days before rampage, VARGAS-GARCIA was released from prison after time served on a sexual assault conviction. No audio in surveillance and Larson could not speak in hospital. So we may never know if words were exchanged.

Homeless Community Grieving

Larson was a regular at Congregations for the Homeless in Bellevue, the largest men’s shelter on the Eastside.