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Opposition Arises to New Lynnwood Opioid Clinic

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Lynnwood Meeting Was Fire

Tuesday night’s council meeting lasted nearly 4 hours. Bottom line, here’s consensus argument against @WADeptHealth allowing Acadia Healthcare to open OPIOID CLINIC near Boys & Girls Club. Opponents frame company as greedy corporation.

Why Opioid Clinic is Needed

Vast majority of room and most of #Lynnwood council say they want methadone clinic in low traffic area of city away from kids, biz, and homes. However some interpreted that as being a NIMBY. Here’s case for clinic at proposed site.

What is Acadia Healthcare?

Nation’s largest operator of “behavioral health” centers. If allowed to come in by @WADeptHealth, officials say it would be #Lynnwood‘s only clinic providing METHADONE. City already has detox centers but does not provide this drug.

Fraud Settlement

Like other massive corporations, Acadia Healthcare has run into issues in past. Company paid 17 million bucks to West Virginia, largest healthcare fraud settlement in the history of state.

DOH Statement

@WADeptHealth is agency that will ultimately give Acadia Healthcare permission to operate in #Lynnwood or not. But last night, DOH was accused of “checking off boxes” during process. Many neighbors afraid project will just get rubber stamped.