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A Day in Downtown Portland: Rainbow Fentanyl and Human Feces

What a Trip Walked through Downtown #Portland last week with @DiscoveryCWP team. I was introduced to “rainbow and red dragon fentanyl,” an addict offered me “speed,” and I ended the day watching a homeless person pooping on a sidewalk. And locals say this is an improvement from last year.

A homeless people camp at the base of a bridge over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon
A homeless people camp at the base of a bridge over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon

Not Just Seattle: Homelessness Plaguing Major West Coast Cities

This is Portland @RJBalpha continuing his journey throughout West Coast/PNW. He says sweeps continue under @tedwheeler in #Portland, but homeless encampments continue to spread further out from Downtown core. Similar pattern developing in #Seattle. San Francisco is Dystopian @RJBalpha was also in Tenderloin neighborhood. Bay Area is one of wealthiest regions in America and epicenter of Big Tech. Yet this is what’s being allowed. Greetings from Los Angeles Homeless crisis is out of control on West Coast. @RJBalpha driving through parts of California this week and documenting. These are truly America’s slums. It looks like a war zone.


Robert Marbut on America’s Homelessness Crisis, Strategies for Uplifting the Homeless, and Effective Government Policies

Homelessness has reached crisis proportions. Few issues of human dignity are as heart wrenching as the wretched scenes in our most prosperous cities—San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle—where one can drive down main thoroughfares and be confronted with tent encampments lining streets that provide scant shelter for thousands of destitute people. Read More ›