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Broken Down at the First Ave Bridge

The view from high above the First Avenue Bridge is breathtaking, with downtown Seattle on the horizon. But as you get closer to the ground, it looks like a third world country below.  Read More ›
Photo by Jonathan Choe

Seattle Parks Targeted for Retaliation

Multiple sources say homeless activists trashed @SeattleParks HQ on Dexter Ave. in #Seattle over the weekend. More than a dozen windows broken, several city cars spray painted/vandalized. They also left threatening msg saying, “You sweep, we attack. You sweep we strike.” Read More ›
Photo by Jonathan Choe

Bruce Harrell, Jay Inslee, and Reach Ministry on 3rd Avenue

the @SeattlePD mobil precinct being stationed on 3rd Ave. in downtown Seattle. City sources now say there’s chatter it could be moved in the near future and biz owners aren’t happy about it. Read More ›