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This is the New Seattle, It’s Out of Control

Total Disaster It keeps getting worse on 3rd Ave & Cherry St in downtown #Seattle, just one block from City Hall. More “trap tents” have been set up by the same folks this weekend. Many are DESC (@DESCSeattle) residents who just spill out into the street and hang out, smoking fentanyl and conducting illicit activity. This drug den continues to draw all kinds of bad actors to the area. Even though city sweeps are happening weekly, it just keeps on coming back! On occasion folks like Mac Larkin will accidentally wander on to this notorious intersection. He immediately regretted it. Watch this interview. It pretty much sums up the state of the Emerald City. Once again, some random homie recognized Read More ›


Update: Cause of Death of Homeless Man in Ballard Due to Homicide, Police Say

Today a homeless man was found unresponsive inside a tent in Ballard. EMT's could not save him. Neighbors say this is the 2nd person found dead at the encampment this month. First was a drug overdose. This is believed to be an OD as well. Read More ›
Sodo Tents

Still Much Work To Be Done in SODO

What About This? @MayorofSeattle’s homelessness dashboard shows nearly 200 tents/RV’s in Sodo. Unfortunately, it does not show exact locations being tracked. I’m trying to figure out who’s responsible for this lot near Airport Way S, across street from BMW dealership. Dashboard Sodo’s got a long way to go. @MayorofSeattle’s office says there are likely more RV’s/ tents in this neighborhood. Frustrating for some who want exact locations and addresses of current encampments on dashboard. #s will be updated quarterly.

3rd Ave Pioneer Square

Tents Popping Back Up in Pioneer Square

Anyone Call the City? Last week, I spotted 1 tent back on 3rd Ave. in Pioneer Square. This area was cleared last month. City says if people email or use Find It Fix It to report, it will be addressed in 48hrs. It’s now been roughly 3 days and 2 more tents have appeared. Last Week Only this “double tent” was set up again on 3rd. Ave in Pioneer Square, in this same area that was recently cleared by city crews. Last Month More than a dozen tents were removed from 3rd Ave in Pioneer Square.

Concrete Blocks 2

Seattle Businesses Use “Eco-Blocks” to Prevent Return of Encampments

Following Up It’s unclear if @MayorofSeattle will have a plan to prevent campers from returning after these encampment clearings in Seattle. But in some spots, we are already seeing more biz owners bring in planters and concrete blocks. Happened a few days ago in Little Saigon. Not Allowed @seattledot keeps saying anyone caught putting these blocks down on a public street or sidewalk could he fined $2K. But so far, only warnings. At this point, many biz owners and neighbors say they’re willing to take chance, rather than see tents or RV’s return. Block Party Georgetown RV enforcement/clean up aftermath from last week. Biz’s now busting out “eco-blocks” at 7th/Fidalgo until city leaders address: How do you prevent campers from Read More ›