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Update: Cause of Death of Homeless Man in Ballard Due to Homicide, Police Say

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Tragic Outcome

Today a homeless man was found unresponsive inside a tent in Ballard. EMT’s could not save him. Neighbors say this is the 2nd person found dead at the encampment this month. First was a drug overdose. This is believed to be an OD as well.

Evidence is Mounting

After encampment clearings, there were rumors of “mutual aid” groups giving out brand new tents to the homeless and in some cases moving them in vehicles to new areas of city, causing problems for other neighborhoods. This biz owner confirmed it’s true.

Hundreds of Complaints

Neighbors like @BallardNeighbor contacted city numerous times and been documenting issues at this encampment, like fires, trash, and needles everywhere. He got the rat scurrying by as well. When will city act? These campers need an intervention.

Police Now Calling it a Homicide

I reported on this Ballard encampment over the week. A couple living in a nearby tent told me they saw blood covering the male victim’s back pack and felt it was more than an OD. Their suspicions now confirmed.

When Will City Respond?

Now that it’s a homicide, will Seattle Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington push this encampment up the priority list for a clearing? She has said in the past that public safety is one of the criteria. There was also an OD here a few weeks ago.