Dow Constantine Presser
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Dow Constantine Addresses Chinatown Safety Concerns

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Dow Constantine Speaks

He dodged my questions last week, but today @kcexec stood in there and responded after I asked him about PUBLIC SAFETY plan around HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. He’s refusing #Chinatown-ID’s request for 6 month moratorium on project. I guess I’m a JOURNALIST again.

Major Public Safety Concerns

Dow’s response shows there is NO new plan for PUBLIC SAFETY around this HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. Relying on current law enforcement agencies when they’re already down officers is not reassuring. This is what I was referring to.

What About Moratorium?

Leo Flor is Director of King County Department of Community and Human Services. He’s in charge of getting Dow Constantine’s (@kcexec) HOMELESS MEGAPLEX up and running. Listen to his SPIN when I ask a direct question about moratorium. Not what #CID wants.