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Rock Hurled Through Windshield on I-90 From Homeless Encampment

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Another terrifying incident along a Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) right of way in Seattle. Friday evening, WSP (@wastatepatrol) confirms someone hurled a brick/rock through the windshield of a moving car traveling on 90E. This is near the ramp to the highway off Rainier Ave S. It’s an area that continues to deal with homeless encampments and mentally ill people roaming the streets. Authorities say somehow, the driver did not suffer serious injuries and is handling all of this through insurance. So far no suspects or arrests. This is just a few minutes away from the former homeless encampment known as “Tammy Town,” named after Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales.) Morales recently doubled down and said she opposed encampment removals in the city. Private crews finally cleared it earlier this month, but many campers set up tents in other parts of South Seattle after turning down offers of shelter and services. Vicious cycle.

Back in December 2022

Look at the insanity that was allowed to flourish on this WSDOT (@wsdot) right of way in #Seattle. A fire erupted inside a tent, burning down part of this encampment.

Just the Latest Rock/Brick Throwing Incident

Still waiting on the latest numbers, but data from last year into this year shows there’s been dozens of similar incidents like this along WSDOT right of ways. Usually near homeless encampments.

Tammy Town

Brick/rock throwing incident is in Councilmember Tammy Morales’ (@CMTammyMorales ) district, just minutes away from the former site of “TAMMY TOWN.” Crime, mental illness, homelessness, and open air drug use plaguing her district. #Seattle