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Watch Me Count Tents on Ballard’s Leary Way

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Game Over Ballard

A few more days to go until the August 1 primary in Seattle. Sunday afternoon, I went to check in on the homeless crisis exploding in Councilmember Dan Strauss’ (@CMDanStrauss) hood. Strauss remains vulnerable in District 6 and is fighting for his political life.

I assumed he would have figured out a way to clear some of the tents for the sake of optics. Instead, Leary Ave NW is a wreck. I have never seen so many tents lined on this street. The side streets are pretty bad as well. You can walk to all 38 tents in a matter of minutes. I’m not even counting the dozens of RV’s and structures. Just the tents! Based on what I’m seeing, Strauss has clearly thrown in the towel on homelessness in Ballard. No end in sight. He’s hoping his constituents don’t notice.

Also, is the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) still operational? What do they do again? Unfortunately the fentanyl use remains rampant, trash is out of control, and some drug addicts hurled racial slurs in my direction. It’s so annoying when they can’t even get the racism right. BTW, I’m Korean American and not from China.

Otherwise, most of the campers here remain pretty chill. One guy let me watch him open boosted packs of Pokemon (@Pokemon) cards. For the true collectors, dude somehow found multiple packs of Evolving Skies in the wild. Rare find.

Listen to Strauss Last Month

End of June, I confronted CM Strauss (@CMDanStrauss) about the disaster in the making along NW Leary Way. He told me “we’re on it, we’re currently going through a spike.” It’s worse than ever!

Dan Strauss Knew

Even after a shooting last month at the encampment in front of Quest Church on NW Leary Way, city has not cleared the tents. This is #Seattle.

Multiple RV Explosions

NW Ballard Way remains packed with RV’s. No end in sight. #Seattle

Back in March

Homeless suspected of burning down part of Ballard @jackbox. This location remains problematic and is surrounded by multiple RV and tent encampments. #Seattle