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Seattle Streets to Avoid During All-Star Game

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All-Star Weekend Test

More fans are expected to pour into Seattle as we get closer to the actual Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@MLB) on Tuesday at T-Mobile Park (@TMobilePark.) Saturday night, I showed you the crazy open air drug scene and thriving black market that’s still happening in the downtown hot spots. So on Sunday, I wanted to see if conditions improved during the day time hours. Not really. LOL. But no doubt there were more officers and clean up crews on the streets. Right now, tourists should continue to avoid parts of Chinatown-ID(12th Ave & Jackson St) and the area around Seattle City Hall near the DESC (@DESCSeattle) facilities(3rd Ave and Cherry St/James St.) But the SODO hood around the stadium may be one of the safest areas in the entire city. There are so many officers on every corner. Go there right now. You will get a glimpse of what it’s like to actually have clean and safe streets. Another reason why “defund the police” was a failed social experiment. Check out the rest of this thread. I have attached my Places to Avoid list.

Updated Places to Avoid

3rd Ave & Pike St. Downtown

3rd Ave & Cherry St./James St., City Hall

12th Ave & Jackson St., Chinatown-ID

King St & 12th Ave., Chinatown-ID

3rd Ave & Blanchard St., Belltown

3rd Ave & Virginia St., Belltown

Real Talk All-Star Guide

Downtown will be the epicenter for tons of action outside T-Mobile Park. I think so far, I might be the only one with suggestions on PLACES TO AVOID.

Safety and Security

At Friday’s press conference, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz (@SeattlePD ) told me there would be more officers patrolling the crime and drug hot spots in downtown Seattle, day and night. We could see more closer to Tuesday.

Protests and Homeless Sweeps

Most of the questions during Friday’s press conference at Seattle City Hall focused on public safety, the homeless crisis, and threats of protests by FAR-LEFT activists during the MLB All-Star Game.

All-Star Sweep

Past few days, I’ve been talking to fans, biz owners, FAR-LEFT activists, and the homeless near T-Mobile Park. Thursday morning, city crews removed tents and RV’s near 3rd Ave and Holgate. People already asking how long this will last.