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Far-Left Activists Shout Down Seattle Mayor’s Plan to Restore the City

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Disruptive Day

So many dynamics Wednesday morning as #Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) unveiled the next phase of his Downtown Activation Plan. Numerous city leaders, law enforcement officials, and entrepreneurs gathered at West Lake Park to show a united front. The Mayor says he’s playing the long game and is doubling down on his strategy to reclaim downtown from the scourge of hardcore drugs, crime, and rampant homelessness. But Stop The Sweeps Seattle disrupted speakers with angry chants and demanded housing for all homeless people.

They’ve been a thorn in Mayor Harrell’s side since he took office. These FAR-LEFT activists continue to make FALSE claims saying “sweeps kill.” The reality is, most homeless people on the streets do not want to go into shared shelters even though it’s being offered by the city. Instead, they want tiny houses, apartments, or their own space. Problem is, that type of housing is not readily available.

As I have reported for more than a year, Stop The Sweeps continues to move homeless campers to other parts of the city after an encampment removal, causing problems for other neighborhoods and totally undercutting the Mayor’s plan to get them into available shelters. Regardless, credit to the Harrell administration for NOT capitulating to the unreasonable demands of these extremists who have zero interest in negotiating. It’s their way of the highway. The Mayor tried to talk to them today, but they shouted him down.

Earlier This Month

D5 Seattle City Council candidate Tye Reed along with Stop the Sweeps Seattle moved homeless people to the Leary Triangle in Ballard, completely undercutting Mayor Bruce Harrell’s plans to get people off the streets. #Seattle

Back in March

Parents and neighbors protested Gov. Jay Inslee’s failure in handling the notorious Ship Canal Bridge homeless encampment in #Seattle‘s Wallingford neighborhood. But Stop The Sweeps launched a counter-protest.

Grand Re-Opening Hijacked

Far-left activists with Stop The Sweeps #Seattle delayed the start of Ballard Commons Park re-opening in March. Some of them were swearing in front of children and went after Councilmember Dan Strauss.

Growing Concern


Last summer, a Fremont neighbor called out Stop The Sweeps Seattle volunteers dropping off a homeless couple on Burke-Gilman Trail in #Seattle. He says neighbors are STANDING UNITED against this FAR LEFT activist group’s tactics.

Stop the Sweeps Exposed

I also caught them in the act, moving homeless to another nearby street after a major SODO encampment sweep last summer. They have even tried to intimidate @seattleparks workers. This is why Seattle Police always accompany crews.

How About Moving Them to Your Backyard?

Of course I asked on behalf of Seattle residents and biz owners, sick of the homeless crisis being moved by Stop The Sweeps Seattle Volunteers to their neighborhoods. #Seattle

We Have History

After months of co-existing with Stop The Sweeps #Seattle volunteers, a few newbie’s came charging at me back in January during the Capitol Hill encampment removal. One guy hit me with his umbrella and the female kept chasing me.

Calls for Direct Action

In January, I found fliers in #Seattle‘s Central District, threatening anyone supporting sweeps. The Mayor was named along with the parks dept. (@SeattleParks) Still unclear if Stop The Sweeps was behind this or not.

Call to Action

he letter lays out motive for threats of violence and playbook to carry out attacks. #Seattle QR code now takes you to blank page.But I saved screen shots.

Same Group?

APRIL 2022, I broke story about homeless activists trashing @SeattleParks HQ on Dexter Ave. in #Seattle. Left threatening msg saying, “You sweep we strike.” Again, still unclear if Stop The Sweeps was behind this or not.

No One Ever Arrested

In @SeattleParks HQ case in April 2022. But police say three men wearing all black hoodies and masks were behind brazen attack. But still on the loose.

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