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Activists Protest SODO Sweeps Amid All Star Week

That’s a Wrap On Tuesday, FAR-LEFT activists threatened to disrupt the Major League Baseball All Star Game (@mlb) with an RV protest in SODO. Instead, Stop The Sweeps Seattle just displayed some banners before the game outside T-Mobile (@TMobilePark) and left pamphlets on car windshields. They also scrawled chalk messages on the sidewalks and plastered “Harrell Horror Show” stickers (@MayorofSeattle) on nearby signs. For whatever it’s worth, they’re also targeting the Seattle City Council. Always interesting conversations and debates with these folks when they take the time to explain their position. The question now, how long until the RV’s and tents return to this part of SODO? What’s the Next Play? Stop The Sweeps Seattle volunteers have been a major Read More ›

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Far-Left Activists Shout Down Seattle Mayor’s Plan to Restore the City

Disruptive Day So many dynamics Wednesday morning as #Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) unveiled the next phase of his Downtown Activation Plan. Numerous city leaders, law enforcement officials, and entrepreneurs gathered at West Lake Park to show a united front. The Mayor says he’s playing the long game and is doubling down on his strategy to reclaim downtown from the scourge of hardcore drugs, crime, and rampant homelessness. But Stop The Sweeps Seattle disrupted speakers with angry chants and demanded housing for all homeless people. They’ve been a thorn in Mayor Harrell’s side since he took office. These FAR-LEFT activists continue to make FALSE claims saying “sweeps kill.” The reality is, most homeless people on the streets do not want Read More ›

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Far-Left Activists Set up New Encampments, Accuse Officials of Being Complicit in Deaths

Grand Re-Opening Hijacked Far-left activists with Stop The Sweeps #Seattle delayed the start of Saturday’s Ballard Commons Park festivities by more than 30 minutes. Some of them were swearing in front of children and slamming Councilmember Dan Strauss (@CMDanStrauss) and Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) for their policy on homeless encampment removals. @SeattlePark‘s leaders including Superintendent AP Diaz (@SeattleShines) were also on hand but their speaking engagement was cut from the program due to the disruption. But multiple angry neighbors pushed back against the activists and the celebration resumed. I’ve got a full report coming up. @GovInslee @kcexec @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil Growing Concern Look at the signs put up by Stop The Sweeps #Seattle. This FAR-LEFT activist group is well known for Read More ›

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Activists Protest Encampment Sweeps Outside Seattle City Hall

Hell of a Juxtaposition At #Seattle City Hall, FAR LEFT activists+Stop The Sweeps want to DEFUND @MayorofSeattle‘s encampment sweep budget. One block over, it’s the Wild Wild West of tents, mental illness, and drug use on full display.

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Day One of Interurban Trail Begins as Activists Intervene

Happening Now Massive homeless encampment along #Seattle‘s Interurban Trail being cleared after 1 day delay. Neighbors thrilled after complaining about surge in crime related to camp. Already, many homeless refusing shelter options from outreach workers. Stop the Sweeps at it Again: Far-left mutual aid group believes moving homeless people to other neighborhoods is right thing to do, claiming shelter conditions are inhumane. At some point @MayorofSeattle and@KCRHA will have to address this INCONVENIENT TRUTH. What’s Really Happening Past year, been to most of Seattle’s encampment sweeps and have talked to hundreds of homeless people. VAST MAJORITY echo Bruce Drager. Neighbors DM’ing me right now, asking where homeless are heading next. Brief History By all neighbor accounts, Interurban Trail homeless encampment Read More ›