Beacon Hill Sweep
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After More Than a Year, North Beacon Hill Encampment Finally Cleared

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Cautiously Optimistic

Homeless encampment in Seattle’s North Beacon Hill cleared this morning near busy intersection. Biz owner says it’s taken more than year for city to respond. He says it’s now up to @MayorofSeattle to follow through with plan, especially if campers return.


This biz owner said it best. The homeless need a place to go. City’s HOPE Team was there providing services and shelter. But according to @MayorofSeattle’s plan, bulk of this responsibility is now on @KC_RHA. Convincing homeless to get off streets remains a challenge.

Here We Go Again

Stop The Sweeps Seattle on site. They have left me alone past few encampment clearings. But today, new far left activist took it to another level by trying to grab the phone out of my hand in front of police. This coward immediately took off after I told police.

Who Is This Far-Left Activist?

I need a name so I can report her to @SeattlePD. She totally freaked out and left the moment I reported her to officers on scene. We couldn’t find her. She bounced. Never had an activist try to snatch the phone out of my hands. Wild.

Awful Conditions

Homeless live with rats and trash, city crews have to clear these unsanitary situations, neighbors and biz owners are fed up. And far left activists say leave homeless alone and let them stay until everyone gets studios or apts? No other housing acceptable?