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Far-Left Activists Set up New Encampments, Accuse Officials of Being Complicit in Deaths

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Grand Re-Opening Hijacked

Far-left activists with Stop The Sweeps #Seattle delayed the start of Saturday’s Ballard Commons Park festivities by more than 30 minutes. Some of them were swearing in front of children and slamming Councilmember Dan Strauss (@CMDanStrauss) and Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) for their policy on homeless encampment removals. @SeattlePark‘s leaders including Superintendent AP Diaz (@SeattleShines) were also on hand but their speaking engagement was cut from the program due to the disruption. But multiple angry neighbors pushed back against the activists and the celebration resumed. I’ve got a full report coming up. @GovInslee @kcexec @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil

Growing Concern

Look at the signs put up by Stop The Sweeps #Seattle. This FAR-LEFT activist group is well known for moving homeless people who reject shelter and services, to other parts of the city during encampment removals. Some Ballard Commons Park neighbors believe these activists will intentionally move homeless people back into the park. They remain a massive thorn in the side of @MayorofSeattle. Literally moving the homeless crisis around to other neighborhoods. @CMDanStrauss @SeattleCouncil @GovInslee @SeattleParks @SeattleShines @kcexec @KCCouncil

Stop the Sweeps Confronted

This past summer, a Fremont neighbor called out Stop The Sweeps Seattle volunteers dropping off a homeless couple on Burke-Gilman Trail in #Seattle. He says neighbors are standing united against this FAR LEFT activist group’s tactics. @MayorofSeattle @SeattleCouncil @KC_RHA @CMDanStrauss @SeattleParks @SeattleShines @GovInslee @kcexec @KCCouncil

Stop the Sweeps Exposed

I also caught them in the act! Mutual aid group STOP THE SWEEPS #SEATTLE was spotted moving homeless to another nearby street after an encampment sweep. These FAR LEFT activists have been a thorn in the side of @MayorofSeattle, DISRUPTING homelessness strategy. They have even targeted and tried to intimidate @seattleparks workers. @KC_RHA @SeattleShines @GovInslee @kcexec @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil

How About Moving Them to Your Backyard?

Of course I asked on behalf of Seattle residents and biz owners, sick of the homeless crisis being moved by Stop The Sweeps Seattle Volunteers to their neighborhoods. Otherwise this volunteer wouldn’t share name but I appreciated discourse.

We Have History

After months of co-existing with Stop The Sweeps #Seattle volunteers, a few newbie’s came charging at me back in January during the Capitol Hill encampment removal. These FAR-LEFT activists are insane. One guy hit me with his umbrella and the female kept chasing me. Wild. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @kcexec @SeattleParks @SeattleShines @SeattlePD @kc_rha

Virtue Signaling

This was one of my favorite moments of 2022 and it also happened in SODO after a homeless encampment sweep in July. This lady immediately regretted running her mouth. Haven’t seen her since out in the streets. #Seattle