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Updated: Massive Sweep of Bitter Lake Homeless Encampment Underway

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Massive Sweep

Spent most of day covering Bitter Lake homeless encampment removal behind Home Depot and Puetz Golf off Aurora Ave N. This camp was being blamed for tons of crime. Wanna guess where FAR LEFT activists moved homeless? I got details in FULL recap coming up.

Activist Demands

I stuck around Bitter Lake camp way longer than usual because Stop The Sweeps Seattle volunteers threatened a sit in. But they ended up moving on without incident. Look at this list of demands on behalf of homeless.

That’s a Wrap

2 day sweep at massive N.Seattle homeless camp in Bitter Lake now over. @MayorofSeattle says many took shelter options, but more than HALF moved to NEW spots across city. Some RV’s now parked near Jewish cemetery causing new concerns.

Latest Q2 Update

Currently on the dashboard, there are only public stats for “offers of shelter.” But that does not mean the homeless camper took the shelter. And it’s unclear who’s tracking progress. This is the only data point on offers I could find.