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20 Tents Return to Greenwood Encampment


They’re Back

Nearly 20 tents set up near the Greenwood Fred Meyer. Neighbors say the drug addicts have been slowly building up this encampment for weeks now. Earlier this year, the city removed this encampment that’s been blamed for fires, thefts at nearby stores, open air drug use, fights, and other crimes in the neighborhood.

Councilmember Dan Strauss (@CMDanStrauss) told his constituents this would be handled by the Unified Care Team. But it all came roaring back. No plan to address this permanently. Once again, the city is struggling to keep up with the encampments that have already been removed. Instead of sweeping after the first sign of a tent, they just let it build up again. Still can’t get a straight answer from city leaders on why this is still being allowed.

State Rep. Noel Frame (@NoelFrame) also lives in this hood and told her constituents last year this would be handled, but no plan to prevent it from coming back. Also, remind me again what the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) does out here? Once again, “housing first” policies are failing.

Trap Tents

This is what it looked like last fall(Oct 2022)near Bartell’s and Fred Meyer. Neighbors suspect “trap tents” were being used for drug deals. Now it’s all back. This is not an affordable housing crisis. It’s being fueled by drugs.

Remember the Squatters?

And right across the street from Fred Meyer, you have the Janus Apts. Squatters in one of the rooms were allegedly selling drugs to the people on the streets.

Greenwood Town Hall

Neighbors gathered at Taproot Theater last Oct. to express frustration. Many in crowd felt officials were making excuses and putting needs of homeless ahead of public safety. This did not age well.

Strauss on Sidewalks

I believe @CMDanStrauss was trying to respond with empathy, but this one did not land well. Lots of jeers from crowd when panel did not give concrete solutions.

Cost of Doing Business in Seattle

A representative from @FredMeyerStores showed up to let neighbors know some concrete steps were being taken to enhance security.