Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

Jonathan Choe

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Drug Addiction in Seattle’s Chinatown

It's tweaker hell right now at 12th Ave & Jackson St in Seattles' Chinatown-ID. Open air black market of stolen goods is also thriving. There are times this place looks like it's on the comeback trail. But tonight, I'm sticking to some drive-by reporting. Read More ›
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Disturbing 911 Audio from Low Barrier Seattle Facility

Chilling 911 dispatch call over the weekend in response to some sort of gruesome incident at DESC's Northstar building in Seattle. The operator describes a trail of blood coming from a room and leading to the elevator. It's unclear what happened but the operator goes on to say the female resident has a history of the son abusing her. Read More ›
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Burien Small Business Closes Due to Homelessness Crisis

Downtown Burien business Iris & Peony is exiting the city because of the unending homeless drug crisis playing out on the streets everyday. Owner Robyn Desimone says she can no longer make a living being a daily victim of vandalism and other crimes. Read More ›
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Burien Mayor Calls Out King County Leaders for Homelessness and Drug Crisis

In a public show of force, Burien Mayor Kevin Schilling blasted King County Executive Dow Constantine and Sheriff Patty Cole-Tindall, accusing them of allowing the homeless drug crisis to get worse on his streets. Schilling also claims Cole-Tindall is refusing to return calls or meet in person. Read More ›
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Second Protection Order Against Bellevue Landlord Dismissed

Once again, Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh prevailed in court. King County judge Brian McDonald dismissed the Temporary Protection Order filed by serial squatter Sang Kim. The judge basically concluded that Kim lacked evidence and was not harmed in any way. Read More ›
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Drug Addiction and Homelessness in San Francisco’s Tenderloin

Is it too late to save San Francisco from the "Doom Loop?" I spent several days in the Tenderloin and other neighborhoods decimated by homelessness, drug overdose deaths, and mental illness. This human tragedy is being further exacerbated by failed public polices like "housing first" and "harm reduction." Read More ›

Seattle Activists Protest SCOTUS Anti-Camping Case

Blaming Capitalism Did I call it or what! Far-left activists like Nikkita Oliver blamed white supremacy and capitalism for America’s homeless crisis during a Monday rally in Seattle. This was in response to the U.S. Supreme Court scrutinizing anti-camping laws used against the homeless.

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Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Homelessness Case: Full Analysis

The US Supreme Court confronted the nation's homelessness crisis on Monday, weighing whether a ban on sleeping in public is constitutional. The case centers on the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon, but has broad implications for cities of all sizes. Its decision is expected in early summer. Read More ›

Seattle Police Shut Down 3rd Ave Intersection After Suspect Barricades In Apartment

All clear after a man barricaded himself inside a downtown Seattle apartment building Monday evening. The intersection of 3rd Ave & Pine St near the McDonald’s was closed down for several hours. Witnesses say they heard a loud bang. Looked like a war zone with all the police cruisers lining the street. By the time I got there investigators were wrapping up. Unclear if anyone was injured.