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Protestors Confront Housing Justice Project

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Protestors Confront Housing Justice Project

Thursday afternoon, angry protesters led by Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh finally confronted lawyers at King County Bar Association’s Housing Justice Project. HJP is the legal aid group helping serial squatter Sang Kim evade eviction. But HJP managing attorney Edmund Witter was not in and a man working the counter slammed the door on Singh and his family. The reality is, Kim’s days are numbered. But at this point, Singh says he is going after HJP and wants to help reform the broken system which is crippling mom & pop landlords.

Who Is Edmund Witter?

Edmund Witter is running the show at HJP. He’s a registered lobbyist with the King County Bar Association and is connected to numerous progressive far-left causes in WA State. I’ve tried to reach Witter numerous times this year but he remains elusive and has not returned any of my calls for comment.

Witter’s Connection to Kshama Sawant

Witter has been aligned with former Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant on numerous tenant landlord issues and has benefitted from this relationship.

Witter and HJP’s Connection to Socialist Alternative

2021 records show Sawant’s Socialist Alternative sent $66 dollars’ worth of flowers to Witter and Housing Justice Project. Unclear why. Btw, all this budgeting for pizza is how Socialist Alternative gets so many people to show up to protests.

Witter and HJP’s Connection to CAIR Washington

Aside from working with far-left activists like Sawant, Witter and HJP have partnered with CAIR Washington. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says, “key CAIR leaders often traffic in antisemitic and anti-Zionist rhetoric.” Jason Rantz with more on CAIR WA’s controversial tactics.

Witter’s Democratic Donations

Witter has lobbied for numerous rent control and tenant’s rights bills in Olympia. He’s also donated to Democratic State Rep. Nicole Macri’s campaign. On its website, HJP credits Macri and State Senator Patty Kuderer for pushing the bill that ultimately allowed people like Sang Kim to take over Jaskaran Singh’s home.

State Senator Patty Kuderer
Democratic State Rep. Nicole Macri

HJP Scrutinized and Squeezed

Bottom line, HJP is getting scrutinized and squeezed like never before. Main issues:

  • Lack of transparency or accountability
  • Zero vetting of tenants they represent
  • Using taxpayer money to pay rent
  • Unnecessarily tying up King County Courts

Calls for Audits and Oversight of HJP

Right now, King County Councilmember and Vice-Chair Reagan Dunn is calling for an audit and more oversight of HJP since the non-profit takes millions of dollars from the state and county.

HJP Takes Taxpayer Dollars

The Center Square also reporting on this Bellevue debacle. “The big problem now is the Housing Justice Project has come in and taken nearly $88,000 taxpayer dollars, designed to help people who lost their jobs and had medical bills, and instead they’ve paid it to the landlord,” Dunn explained.

Another Protest This Saturday

Another protest this Saturday in Bellevue at 11:30am in front of the rental property. Singh says he will also be there since the Temporary Protection Order has been lifted.

Jonathan Choe

Journalist and Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty
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