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Seattle Fire Saves Lives as City Averages 2 to 3 Overdoses a Day

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Another OD Save

People ask me how I capture footage of so many fentanyl overdoses in #Seattle. It’s not a real secret. All I do is follow the ambulances and sirens. Friday afternoon, all the commotion led me to the corner of 4th Ave & Spring St, right in the alley of The Executive Hotel Pacific. Once again, Seattle Fire (@SeattleFire) bailed out another addict passed out on the ground.

The city continues to average around 2-3 drug overdoses a day and this is an undercount. Even though more people are being saved because of NARCAN, look at the amount of resources it took to revive this fella. In other words, those little tiny NARCAN sprays don’t always work. This is a FULL BLOWN drug epidemic and there is no end in sight. People working in downtown are so desensitized to this madness. Part of living in the Emerald City.