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Seattle “Tranq” Crisis Continues Explode

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Human Tragedy

The fentanyl crisis continues to play out on multiple streets in Seattle, especially in places like #Chinatown-ID. This evening, a young man in his 20’s showed me the early stages of “TRANQ FENTANYL” eating away at his skin. Pills laced with xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, are starting to show up more often on the streets. It’s also leaving addicts walking around in a zombie like stupor. Another man nearby using fentanyl said, “I can see the silhouette of a demon” in his friend’s flesh eating wound.

@CampSiteSeattle and others have documented the aftermath of “tranq” across the city. There is no denying the zombie drug is here. Nothing has changed in Councilmember Tammy Morales'(

@CMTammyMorales) district. Where is Morales? This is all happening on her watch. She recently voted against a common sense drug bill that would have allowed the City Attorney to prosecute open air drug use and possession of illegal drugs. Even this addict says a few days in jail could help in the journey to detox. But no one in the “harm reduction” lobby is out here trying to intervene. They’re just giving away drug supplies like foil and meth pipes. Someone please tell me, what’s the “harm reduction” plan for “tranq?” NARCAN doesn’t even work. It’s so upside down in this city right now.

Back in April

#CID remains ground zero for the drug addiction crisis. Jay Yanamura started documenting this disaster in the making. Just listen to him lay out what he and other senior citizens face in this hood.

This is Insane

“Because xylazine is not an opioid, naloxone (Narcan) does not reverse its effects.”- DEA

Tranq Now in Burien

This King County city is dealing with a serious fentanyl crisis. These photos were taken in the latest out of control homeless encampment along Ambaum Blvd SW. I’m going to be spotlighting this very soon. Why are elected officials allowing this to flourish? Dealers are preying on addicts in the camps. Problem for Burien, there’s no illegal camping ban on public streets. It only applies to public parks. Who came up with this brilliant plan?