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City of Seattle Makes Last-Minute Preparations for All Star Game

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Total All Star Madness

Tuesday at 1am, I saw the underbelly of downtown Seattle just one block from City Hall . It’s also a 10 minute walk to T-Mobile Park (@TMobilePark) where the Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@mlb) will be played tonight.

Tourists should AVOID 3rd Ave & Cherry St at all costs. This one stretch has turned into a full blown hang out for drug addicts and attracts all kinds illicit activity at all hours of the day. As I have reported all year, a lot of these men and women stay at the Downtown Emergency Service Center (@descseattle) Lyon Building and Morrison. These facilities serve the homeless and mentally ill. The city regularly sweeps the tents and sprays down the area. But it always comes roaring back. During my 15 minute walk down this stretch, here’s what happened:

-Dude flashed his penis
-Chased by a man wielding nunchucks
-People yelling at me
-I ran to a nearby hotel for help but the guests ran inside and left me to fend for myself

Thankfully, I found two Seattle Police officers. I filed a complaint against the man wielding the weapon. No idea if he was arrested. Point is, good luck if you accidentally stumble into this part of the city. BTW, this is Councilmember Andrew Lewis’ (@LewisforSeattle, @CMAndrewJLewis) district. He is well aware of what is going on here since I have brought it to his attention multiple times. I have also asked him to walk this block with me but so far no firm answer.

Nutty Encounters at This Corner

In April, a knife wielding maniac at the corner of 3rd Ave & Cherry St started chasing me up the hill near City Hall.

Bat Man

In March, 47 year old Jeffery McMillan charged at me w/a baseball bat at the corner of 3rd Ave & Cherry St. Judge released him. Meanwhile, he’s still on street.

Axe Kid

Back in January, 15 year old Marcelles Orr came after me as well. Thankfully, he remains behind bars awaiting treatment for his devastating fentanyl addiction.

Priorities Priorities

Early Tuesday morning, I started cruising downtown Seattle. Crews were hard at work getting Pike Place Market (@pike_place) ready for the MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show (@MLB.) A little after midnight, the place looked impeccably clean, dozens of police officers were on guard, and I did not see a single drug addict on this strip.

But just one block away at 3rd Ave & Pike St, it was another typical night of open air drug use, mental illness on full display, and trash everywhere. Before the All-Star Game, many of you assumed the city would focus on the hot spots like (12th Ave & Jackson St, 3rd Ave & Pike St, 3rd Ave & Cherry St) and asked if crews could maintain it’s clean up efforts. Well for 5 days straight, I have clearly shown the city cannot keep up with the madness, even for one of the most HIGH PROFILE events of the year. Gonna be a long summer.

For those of you attending the actual All-Star Game tonight, check out the great restaurants in #Chinatown-ID, just minutes away from T-Mobile Park. But make sure you look at my PLACES TO AVOID list on this thread. Enjoy the remainder of your stay.

Avoid 3rd Ave. and Cherry Street

Avoid 12th and Jackson

I thought the city would prioritize these neighborhoods for clearings. I was dead wrong.

All Star Sunday

Tourists should continue to avoid parts of Chinatown-ID(12th Ave & Jackson St) and the area around Seattle City Hall near (3rd Ave and Cherry St/James St.) But neighborhood around stadium may be one of the safest areas in the entire city.

All Star Saturday

The drug hot spots in downtown Seattle remained a mess this past weekend, especially during the evening hours.

Updated Places to Avoid

3rd Ave & Pike St., Downtown 3rd Ave & Cherry St., Seattle City Hall 12th Ave & Jackson St., Chinatown-ID King St & 12th Ave., Chinatown-ID 3rd Ave & Blanchard St., Belltown 3rd Ave & Virginia St., Belltown

Safety and Security

At Friday’s press conference, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz told me there would be more officers patrolling the crime and drug hot spots in downtown Seattle, day and night. We could see more closer to Tuesday.

Protests and Homeless Sweeps

Most of the questions during Friday’s press conference at Seattle City Hall focused on public safety, the homeless crisis, and threats of protests by FAR-LEFT activists during the MLB All-Star Game.

All Star Sweep

Past few days, I’ve been talking to fans, biz owners, FAR-LEFT activists, and the homeless near T-Mobile Park. Thursday morning, city crews removed tents and RV’s near 3rd Ave and Holgate. People already asking how long this will last.

Setting the Record Straight

Crews removed remaining tents and RV’s at 3rd Ave, Holgate St, and Utah Ave in SODO near T-Mobile Park. Video emerged showing eco-blocks being placed to prevent homeless from returning. Seattle leaders say they’re not responsible.

Game Over

It’s Monday night, eve of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@mlb) in Seattle. Since Friday, I have walked the streets and documented the open air drug dens and black markets in the problematic parts of Greater Downtown. I thought the city would prioritize these hot spots and have it all cleared for the tourists. I was totally WRONG.

Chinatown-ID is especially getting crushed right now by tons of trash being left behind by the drug addicts at the corner of 12th Ave & Jackson St. Some of the small business owners are telling me tourists are not dining in because they are afraid to come to the neighborhood.

This lawlessness in the city is also being fueled by the fentanyl crisis. Seattle City Councilmembers Lisa Herbold (@lisa_herbold,) Teresa Mosqueda (@TeresaCMosqueda @CMTMosqueda,) Kshama Sawant(@cmkshama,) Tammy Morales (@cmtammymorales,) and Andrew Lewis (@cmandrewjlewis,@LewisforSeattle) ALL FAILED to pass a drug bill allowing City Attorney Ann Davison(@_ann_davison) to prosecute addicts for public possession or open air drug use. No doubt there are way more police on the streets than usual. But some officers are now asking, “why arrest the users when they won’t even be prosecuted? It’ll turn into catch and release.” Ironically, the most visible drug related problems are all happening in the districts of CM Lewis and CM Morales. Go figure.

All Star Weekend Test

More fans are expected to pour into Seattle as we get closer to the actual Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@MLB) on Tuesday at T-Mobile Park (@TMobilePark.) Saturday night, I showed you the crazy open air drug scene and thriving black market that’s still happening in the downtown hot spots. So on Sunday, I wanted to see if conditions improved during the day time hours. Not really. LOL. But no doubt there were more officers and clean up crews on the streets. Right now, tourists should continue to avoid parts of Chinatown-ID(12th Ave & Jackson St) and the area around Seattle City Hall near the DESC (@DESCSeattle) facilities (3rd Ave and Cherry St/James St.) But the SODO hood around the stadium may be one of the safest areas in the entire city. There are so many officers on every corner. Go there right now. You will get a glimpse of what it’s like to actually have clean and safe streets. Another reason why “defund the police” was a failed social experiment. Check out the rest of this thread. I have attached my Places to Avoid list.

You’ve Been Warned

Major League Baseball’s All-Star Week (@mlb) is underway. On Friday, I put out a guide on PLACES TO AVOID in downtown Seattle, ravaged by open air drug use and all kinds of illicit activity. Unfortunately, I was right. On Saturday, hot spots like 3rd Ave and Pike St looked amazing during the daytime hours. We gotta thank Seattle Police (@seattlepd) officers and King County Sheriff’s Deputies (@kingcosoPIO )for working extra long shifts to keep out the insanity. But when the sun goes down, it’s back to business as usual. The real madness happens between 8pm-12am. I walked around the city with We Heart Seattle’s Andrea Suarez (@weheartseattle, @weheartfounder.) She was doing outreach to the drug addicts and homeless. Even Suarez was shocked by the on going challenges in the late evening hours. So be careful around parts of this city. Otherwise, at least the area around T-Mobile Park(@TMobilePark) looks spectacular!

UPDATED PLACES TO AVOID: 3rd Ave & Pike St. Downtown Core 3rd Ave & Cherry St., Downtown Seattle City Hall 12th Ave & Jackson St., Chinatown-ID King St & 12th Ave., Chinatown-ID 3rd Ave & Blanchard St., Belltown 3rd Ave & Virginia St., Belltown I’ll be out checking these locations leading up to Tuesday’s All-Star Game. If there is another hot spot in downtown to avoid, let me know.

Real Talk All Star Guide

Major League Baseball’s All-Star Week (@mlb) is finally here in Seattle! Downtown will be the epicenter for tons of action outside T-Mobile Park (@TMobilePark.) Everyone’s putting out all kinds of guides and recommendations for first time visitors, especially walking paths. But I think so far, I might be the only one with suggestions on places to AVOID, like open air drug dens, black markets, and crime hot spots. If you think I missed a hot spot in downtown, let me know. LOL. Otherwise, most of the city is looking great. Say HI if you see me out in the wild. Stay safe and enjoy.