Homeless Swimming Pool
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Seattle Mayor Urges WSDOT To Remove Homeless Swimming Pool

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Homeless Swimming Pool

I’ve seen a lot on my beat, but this is a new one. Wednesday afternoon, I went back to check on a NEW DEVELOPMENT at the Shag Arrowhead Senior Apts. encampment in West Seattle. I’ve been tracking this location along Myers Way S. for months now. Some of the campers here have been blamed for thefts, open air drug use, and there’s even been a homicide at this location. But the sight of a new inflatable SWIMMING POOL this past week really set off some neighbors. They say the Washington State Dept of Transportation (@WSDOT) is failing to enforce this illegal situation. Much of this land is on WSDOT property right along SR 509. I’ve reached out to this agency and Mayor Bruce Harrell’s office (@MayorofSeattle) for comment. I will update if they respond. But @JeremyHarrisTV (first with the story) is reporting the encampment is on the radar and will be handled once housing is established for the homeless. Meanwhile, there are multiple sides to every situation. Monica Parrish is the homeless woman who set up the pool. I spoke to her EXCLUSIVELY. Parrish says the homeless are getting a bad rap and all she was trying to do was bring some “positivity” to the community. Watch her story and how some neighbors are actually trying to support the campers while they remain on site. Councilmember Lisa Herbold (@lisa_herbold) should probably come down and check out this developing situation in her district. Working on another update.

Mayor Responds

I’ve obtained an email from the Mayor’s office, updating frustrated Shag Arrowhead Gardens residents. Bottom line, even the city wants WSDOT to move on this encampment. But along with housing considerations, it appears some environmental concerns also need to be addressed.

WSDOT’s Response