Interurban Trail
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Interurban Trail Encampments to be Cleared August 16

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Finally Happening

Massive homeless encampment along #Seattle’s Interurban Trail is finally being cleared. It’s going to be a 2 day affair. I’ve been tracking explosive growth here for months. Many people have come here from recent sweeps: Capitol Hill, N.96th St, Woodland Park.

Who’s Responsible?

I’ve been talking to Seattle city officials since last month about jurisdictional responsibility. Neighbors say they were getting the run around. But with the impending sweep, looks like everyone is now in agreement that it’s time to clear the area.


Here’s a recent Seattle Police 9-11 dispatch call about Interurban Trail regarding 2 incidents. Even dispatcher WARNS officer about possible dangers at encampment. *I edited for time. Some parts inaudible. Neighbors and HOMELESS at risk.

Wild Encounter

Cars are NOT supposed to be on Interurban Trail. Yet I have personally witnessed multiple people living in tents get into luxury vehicles like @MercedesBenz and @BMW. WATCH what happens when I confront. @CampSiteSeattle can you corroborate this madness?

We Have Lift Off

Our team at is bringing another vantage point to our coverage. DRONE shots! As @SeattleParks prepares to remove more than 40 tents/structures along #Seattle‘s Interurban Trail this week, here’s what it’s like from high above RIGHT NOW.

On the Ground

I’ve been tracking explosive growth of Interurban Trail encampment for months. Unfortunately it’s attracted a criminal element. SOME of homeless have been a menace, stealing from @Lowes. Look at holes cut in fence for easy access to store’s loading dock.

Removal Scheduled Tuesday Morning 9 AM

Many campers telling me now they will refuse current shelter options. Outreach workers telling me there are not enough “acceptable options.” Seattle Shuffle will continue.