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Mayoral Update on Seattle’s Homeless Crisis

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@MayorofSeattle held press conference today alongside @CMDanStrauss and CEO of @KC_RHA Marc Dones to address Woodland Park and latest on Seattle’s homeless crisis. Lots of new nuggets. I will break down highlights below.

Pandemic Reminder

Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington says Covid pandemic made the homeless crisis even worse. But the city is emerging from this and Woodland was the last remaining park encampment of this size.

Glad @MayorofSeattle is noticing my coverage of all the encampment clearings happening in Seattle. I’m just showing all the hard work and progress by city crews. But I also asked how he’s planning on responding if the campers come back. Here’s how he responded.

Following Up

Tough District

The homeless crisis has impacted @CMDanStrauss’ district more so than others. Fair or unfair, his constituents have hammered him for allegedly being MIA. But visible progress is now being made. So I guess judge him for his performance moving forward?

Ballard Commons Park Update

I’m sure constituents in District 6 will be delighted to know, @CMDanStrauss says the park is still on track to open sometime this year.

Looking Good

@CMDanStrauss was right, Ballard Commons Park is getting there. Looks like new benches and rails have been added near skate bowl. This past December, this was home to one of largest and most problematic homeless encampments in the city. Hope campers are doing well.