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Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

Organizations like “We Heart Seattle” Starting to Yield Results

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Well Done

For more than a year, many of us have driven by this homeless encampment on the side of the road in Queen Anne. Just a few days ago, @weheartseattle cleaned up this entire area. Only one woman was living here at the time and they got her into a “Tiny House.”

Well Oiled Machine

@weheartfounder wasn’t even there when I showed. She was personally helping this homeless person transition. Otherwise, neighbors tired of waiting on city and county, now calling @weheartseattle to clean up abandoned homeless encampments. This is a movement.

Call Them

I have met so many good neighbors in Seattle who are tired of the red tape. Even with @MayorofSeattle’s homeless plan, it won’t immediately address every encampment. If you need action right now with clean up/outreach, contact @weheartseattle