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Axe Charging Teen Arrested, Family Calls for Treatment Resources

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@SeattlePD arrested 15 year old Marcelles Orr on Saturday at the notorious homeless camp near #Seattle City Hall. Orr charged at me with an axe last month. He is also wanted on a warrant. Marcelles’ Grandma says the system failed her grandson. Working on EXCLUSIVE follow up with family. @MayorofSeattle

Absolute Tragedy

Orr’s grandmother says she begged a King County judge to keep him locked up in juvenile detention so he could get drug and mental health treatment. But the judge released him with a probation officer. The next day he ran away from home.

Recurring Nightmare

Crews cleared tents on 3rd Ave. near City Hall at least 20 times since last year. But encampment is back again. Why does this place get priority for sweeps while other #Seattle neighborhoods wait for months? @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA

Whack a Mole

I have never witnessed encampment in #Seattle return this often. Tents along 3rd Ave near City Hall were removed at least two times since last week, but they’re already back. Who’s providing brand new tents? @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA @CMAndrewJLewis

Danger to Community

Many in these tents are not homeless and stay nearby at @DESCSeattle‘s Lyon building or Morrison. They set up “trap tents” to sell or do drugs. Worst kept secret. #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA

Back in November 2022

New Year same issues at 3rd Ave & Cherry St, one of most problematic areas in city. Many say they are not homeless. They admit to living in nearby @DESCSeattle properties like Morrison and Lyon buildings. Just set up tents to chill. #seattle


Along with city and county, multiple faith based groups like the Union Gospel Mission and Reach Ministry have been working this Pioneer Square/downtown #Seattle corridor. So the lack of services and shelter options being offered are not the issue.

All in a Day

These encampments are nearby in SODO and Pioneer Sq, including the problematic spot near #Seattle City Hall. @MayorofSeattle has done at least ten sweeps here this year. Many are “trap tents” used for drugs. @KC_RHA