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Burien Activists Spend Night Outside to Protest Camping Ban

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Saturday evening pop-up protest in downtown Burien! FAR-LEFT activists led by Burien Councilmember Cydney Moore have occupied part of the sidewalk outside City Hall. Organizers have set up five empty tents and are handing out propaganda pamphlets calling this event: “The Burien Overnight Solidarity Project.” It’s expected to go into early Sunday morning. None of the organizers wanted to comment when I showed up. But it appears they have serious issues with the city’s new public camping ban that went into play on November 1. They want this law repealed.

Favorite line in the pamphlet: “We pledge to put our bodies on the line the night of November 11, and spend the night in solidarity with the people targeted by this law.”

They’re also calling out homeless outreach group “The More We Love.” Unclear why these activists hate them so much. This non-profit led by Kristine Moreland (@kmmoreland) just landed a contract from the city to remove the Ambaum Blvd encampment. Moreland has been wildly successful with clearing camps and getting people housed. She’s a genuine threat to the “homeless industrial complex” because she’s solving the crisis. Ineffective non-profits are starting to realize if Moreland continues to do well, they will likely be out of jobs. Btw, read the rest of this thread. I have included what’s inside this propaganda pamphlet.

Love the Art Work

They’re also publicly calling out Burien Councilmembers by name. #Burien READ ENTIRE MANIFESTO:

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The spin is incredible. In reality, the public camping ban is modeled after Bellevue’s. It’s not about criminalizing homelessness. Don’t just listen to the FAR-LEFT talking points. This law encourages the homeless to seek shelter or detox options being offered. Numerous churches and outreach group’s like “The More We Love” are trying to walk with each individual. This also protects Burien’s homeowners and business community. All the data shows encampments attract more crime and illicit activity. In many cases, the criminals prey on the homeless if they are left on the streets. Allowing men and women to OD on fentanyl and live in trash is not compassion.

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For the longest time, Burien has been King County’s human dumping ground. If city leaders are not careful, giving in to every demand for services could enable the homeless to set up shop forever and attract even more homeless from surrounding areas. Right now, Oasis Home Church in Burien is trying out a “temporary sanctioned encampment” model where the homeless live on the church grounds for 90 days. There’s also a push to bring in a tiny house village. In the very near future, Burien will also be home to a brand new Downtown Emergency Service Center(DESC)housing facility. There’s already worry it will attract even more homeless and drug addicts into the community.

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It’s stunning how CM Moore is aligning herself with these FAR-LEFT activists and opportunists. What they’re saying about Kristine Moreland (@kmmoreland) is pure garbage and it’s being sourced from discredited basement bloggers. Like I have said already, Moreland is a genuine threat to the homeless industrial complex because her methods actually work. The other non-profits that have allowed the homeless crisis to spiral out of control are still banking on failed policies like “housing first.” That’s because it’s a requirement for non-profits if they want more funding. Instead, it’s turned into a black hole for tax payers and this idea of trying to warehouse homeless people has been tried for years in King County. If it was solving the crisis, I would say double down and stay the course. But the data shows there are more homeless than ever on King County streets. So why the hell would any reasonable person go with the status quo? Moreland and her team also recently housed dozens of campers at the Grocery Outlet property in Burien. Elected officials from across the state are now noticing and reaching out because she’s been so wildly successful with her approach. That’s also why Moreland got the Burien contract signed, sealed, and delivered. She’s their only hope

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“Living unsheltered is an incredibly traumatizing experience that no one would choose.” This statement is disingenuous. The reality is, there is no one size fits all when it comes to the homeless crisis. It’s a wide spectrum on the streets. There is the single mom who just lost her job and is willing to do whatever it takes to get back on her feet.

Then on the other side of the spectrum, you have the nomad class that’s now totally checked out of society and wants to live for free at everyone else’s expense. And when 8 out of 10 people on the streets admit they are addicted to some form of illicit drug, then you know it’s not solely an affordable housing crisis. The majority of the people on the streets are there because of broken relationships, mental illness, and drug addiction. True progress will be made if preexisting resources are diverted into more options for treatment and recovery. That also means higher salaries for the best outreach/social workers who will walk with the homeless on every step of the journey.

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Once again, no one is going to criminalize homelessness. Not here in woke King County or WA state. Someone please send me data showing the number of people arrested, charged, and convicted for living on the streets? Can’t think of a single case I have heard of in the past three years. Police must play a role in enforcing this law. The reality is, these encampments have been overrun with criminals using the homeless as cover for their illicit activities. Whether it’s selling fentanyl or sex trafficking, the cops have to be there when these so called “trap tents” are removed from public property.

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I pretty much agree, leaving the homeless in tent encampments is not compassion. As a society, we have to look at them like our father, mother, son, or daughter. We do not want our family to become victims. But there also must be accountability. Allowing them to stay in these situations is inhumane. Start improving and expanding the shelter system. We can’t allow people to live on the streets, especially when there are congregate shelter spots available in nearby communities. If they refuse, then it’s time to enforce the law. Spending a night or two in jail could save their lives. But there also must be support services and people to walk with them on the other end. Otherwise it becomes a catch and release cycle.

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There is no doubt many homeless men and women are caught in this cycle. But what is the source of these stats? And what’s the definition of “permanent housing.”

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Problem for FAR-LEFT activists in Burien, CM Moore lost badly in her council race. Now the city council is overwhelmingly stacked with reasonable moderates who won’t capitulate to the demands coming from the homeless industrial complex.

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In closing, you can’t just build your way out of this problem. The homeless crisis is not being fueled by the so called “affordable housing” crisis. Unless the root causes like broken relationships, drug addiction, and mental illness are addressed, the cycle will continue even if people are given apartments. The OD’s and living life without meaning and purpose will just happen behind closed doors. We gotta stop warehousing people! All this talk about giving people free housing must be accompanied with requirements to begin the detox journey. And what about requirements to get back into the workforce? If you are capable of working but refuse, no more eating for free. The results of the Burien city council election show the community wants change from the status quo. The FAR-LEFT activists are losing badly. Common sense seems to be prevailing once again in Burien.