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Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

Difficult Cases of Homelessness: Angel’s Story

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Now What?

Sweeps continue Monday morning in #Seattle. It’s the only way to keep these dangerous encampments from becoming a liability for neighborhoods like Fremont. Once again, We Heart Seattle (@weheartseattle) and Andrea Suarez (@weheartfounder) tackling some of the most difficult cases. But when severe mental illness and drug addiction are in play, even the most well intentioned outreach becomes an exercise in futility. Listen to “Angel’s” story. This is also why “housing first” will not work for people like her. She’s been given pretty much all the options from tiny houses to apartments. She’s burned all bridges. Every lawmaker about to craft homelessness policy must listen to this. What will be done about the most extreme cases? This has to be built into the big picture solution.

Anyone Looking for a Shopping Cart?

Crews are on the ground right now clearing the Fremont homeless encampment at the corner of Nickerson St. & Florentia St. There are quite a few shopping carts from Trader Joe’s, U.S. Foods Chef’store (@USFCHEFSTORE), Fred Meyer (@FredMeyerStores), Costco (@Costco), QFC (@QFCGrocery) , and SafeWay (@Safeway.) #SEATTLE