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Homeless Neighborhoods Deep in Seattle’s Forests

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Lurking in the Woods

The SWIMMING POOL is what really brought attention to this West Seattle homeless encampment along Myers Way. But for weeks now, I’ve been exploring the constellation of mini encampments in the deep woods nearby. Most of this is still on Washington State Dept of Transportation (@wsdot) property. I counted at least 40 suspected situations. Lots of drug use, trash, and no doubt there is run off going into the waterways. It’s an environmental disaster in the making.

I also met one guy who is extremely talented and should be working. He built one of the craziest encampments I have ever seen with an underground tunnel system in the works. But the state might want to get on this ASAP. Imagine if this collapses on someone? Why take the risk?

Golden Years

What a way to spend retirement. Seniors at Arrowhead Gardens Apts have been complaining to WSDOT for months. But even after the community meeting, there’s still no timeline on when this cray cray homeless situation will be handled.