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Jonathan Choe Chased by Man with Nunchucks Downtown Seattle

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Lost Cause

Day or night, this part of downtown Seattle near DESC’s (@DESCSeattle) Morrison and Lyon Building continues to be a blight on the city. Multiple 911 calls to this location each day. Zero accountability and city leaders like Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) cannot keep up with the insanity. Drug addicts, tents, and mentally ill people flood 3rd Ave & Cherry St at all hours of the day. Even after more than a year of sweeps, the so called “trap tents” keep coming back. People are doing drugs under umbrellas and carry all sorts of weapons out here. As long as a DESC property is in your hood, city leaders must continue with the sweeps and have extra security on hand. The drain on resources is enormous. The streets remain the new asylums. Otherwise, when I’m not being attacked out here, I meet some of the best characters and the convos are epic. I wonder why no other local media members come out here to show what’s really happening on the ground? It’s clearly not “brand safe.”

Nunchuck Attack

3rd Ave & Cherry St ceases to amaze me. Just a few weeks ago, some nut job came at me with nunchuks. I have been accosted by people wielding all kinds of weapons at this location. BTW, this is an American city.