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King County Refuses to Clear Encampment until Permanent Housing is Available

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Must Listen

After parents raged on @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones earlier in week about failed outreach at Ship Canal encampment, he went on to say WA state law makers put in a funding requirement that says homeless can only be moved if there is a “permanent housing solution.”

Housing First is Failing

In other words, parents at John Stanford Elementary are begging for immediate solutions, but Dones and @KC_RHA says they will only move homeless if there is a motel, tiny house, or apartment. Congregate shelters or shared spaces are unacceptable. #Seattle

Unused Shelters

According to @KC_RHA‘s latest numbers, 22% of region’s shelter beds not being used and Dones says they cannot put anyone into these “congregate” situations because of requirement for long term sustainable housing. This is not what parents wanted to hear. @WSDOT