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Lake City Sweeps Encampment Full of Garbage, Most Living There Refuse Help

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Rinse and Repeat

The vicious cycle continues. Lake City has some of the most problematic encampments. For some reason, the city allows it to pile up instead of getting in front of these situations. Monday morning, vast majority of people walked away from the sweep without taking any help being offered. Once again, it’s the drugs and mental illness fueling this crisis on the streets. This part of the neighborhood around NE 125th St and 33rd Ave NE is also home to several low income housing apts and low barrier units. In other words, this is ground zero for a drug fueled ecosystem. No idea how you run a business around here. The owners of the Ethiopian restaurant say the campers continue to vandalize their property and pee on the walls. Otherwise, I was chased by a ski pole wielding maniac and FAR-LEFT nut jobs who continue to virtue signal out here without actually helping anyone.

Start the Sweeps Seattle

These encampments are getting out of control. Even though these continue to attract crime and drug use, there are still some Seattle City Councilmembers who want the Mayor to stop the sweeps. Vote accordingly.