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Seattle Dealers Sell Fentanyl Out of Walk up Window Downtown

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In Case There Was Any Doubt

It’s no longer a secret. Every reasonable Seattle resident should assume drug dealers are taking advantage of homeless encampments with these so called “trap tents” embedded across the city. We Heart Seattle’s (@weheartseattle) Andrea Suarez (@weheartfounder) just exposed another one at the corner of 6th Ave & Yesler Way in downtown Seattle. There is literally a walk up window where you can buy fentanyl pills for a buck. I have been watching this camp expand for more than two years but never got a look inside until now.

This open air drug market is being brazenly operated on Washington State Department of Transportation (@WSDOT) property and is just a block away from the notorious camp that blew up last month after a DRUG FUELED TURF WAR gone bad. It’s also surrounded by apartments in #Chinatown-ID and minutes from Harborview Medical Center. Now that we know what’s going on here, how long until crews come in to remove this encampment? Are the feds (@DEAHQ,@DEASEATTLEDiv) investigating?

Once again, elected officials and law enforcement agencies must make the distinction between the homeless living on the streets VS. a full blown criminal enterprise. FAR-LEFT activists, compromised politicians, and other influential players in Seattle’s HOMELESS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX never make that distinction. They want these dangerous encampments to remain until every homeless person gets an apartment. People on the streets are being used as a pawns in their sick protest game, while the actual criminals continue to operate with ease in these lawless conditions.

Just Last Month

Authorities say homemade BOMBS were intentionally set off at an encampment next to Harbor View Medical Center in downtown #Seattle. All fueled by a DRUG TURF WAR. City took control over WSDOT and finally removed it.