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Seniors Pressure WSDOT for Removal of Encampment with Swimming Pool

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Trespass notices are now up at a notorious West Seattle homeless encampment with the infamous SWIMMING POOL. It appears The Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) is finally getting ready to take action. But some of the homeless say they’ve read the fine print and are not worried…at least for now. Meanwhile, neighbors at the Arrowhead Gardens Senior Living Apartments are putting elected officials on BLAST before tonight’s community meeting. They’re demanding a timeline on removal. And look at the disaster in the deep woods behind the pool! What a mess.

On Notice

The homeless pointing out there is ZERO language about tents and structures being removed this round.

It’s Going National

Diane Radischat is the president of the community association and has been making the rounds on national cable news outlets, publicly shaming elected officials. We went on Newsmax Monday morning.

Homeless Swimming Pool

I’ve seen a lot on my beat, but this is a new one. The pool emerged last week and enraged already frustrated neighbors. What a hot mess.

WSDOT Statement

Reason for removal/trespass notices. But still unclear on timeline and what will happen on Wednesday.