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“Where is Tammy Morales?” Asks Sara Nelson in International District

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Dunking on Tammy

With multiple open air drug dens and homeless encampments thriving in Chinatown-ID, Seattle council candidate Tanya Woo (@votetanyawoo) and CM Sara Nelson (@CMSaraNelson) teamed up to bring attention to this unfolding disaster in D2, also known as “Tammy Town.” But it quickly turned into a dunk fest on CM Tammy Morales (@TammyMoralesSEA @CMTammyMorales) and her failing record as a leader. Nelson totally picked her apart in an unprecedented take down. It got so bad, Morales actually responded to Nelson on social media. Here is Nelson’s entire monologue during Tuesday’s press conference. I sprinkled in a few highlights. By the way, I spend way too much time in the underbelly of this city. No on else has this much footage of 12th Ave & Jackson St. in Little Saigon.

Doubling Down

I caught up with CM Nelson (@CMSaraNelson) after the presser, to see if she stood by what she said about CM Tammy Morales (@TammyMoralesSEA, @CMTammyMorales.) Bottom line, the gloves are off. Nelson is on a warpath and is 100% backing Tanya Woo for D2. This will arguably be one of the most exciting races to watch. So far, still no response to my questions from Tammy’s camp.

Piling On

Seattle PD’s African American Community Advisory Council Chair Victoria Beach is heard putting Morales on blast in front of the entire room at a recent public safety meeting. Morales got called out for being MIA in South Seattle.