Kinnear Park Vandalism
Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

Activists Vandalize as Kinnear Park Encampment is Cleared

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Targeted Messaging

Lots of action earlier today at the Kinnear Park encampment clearing in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. By far some of the toughest terrain for @SeattleParks. Far left activists also leaving nasty words for @MayorofSeattle and vandalized a sign.

What is Seattle Going to do About Cases Like This?

Several tents were already abandoned by the time outreach workers arrived to offer services and shelter. “Dylan” says he’s been here for months, prefers to stay outdoors, and plans to come back and live in a tent. Now what?

Interesting Conversation

So I walked up on two mutual aid volunteers berating @SeattleParks workers for removing this empty tent. To their credit, they stopped and turned their attention to me. We proceeded to have a fascinating conversation about their views on the homeless crisis.